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Welcome to VW PRODUCTIONS Music and Movie Downloads Home Page!

VW PRODUCTIONS music and movie downloads are fun for the whole family! There is something here for everyone.

There are various genre of music: classical, easy listening, new age, rock, and Christian contemporary. All music and movies are family oriented. visit this page

There is sci-fi, action and adventure, horror, drama, and romance. Owner of VW Productions is Vincent Witcher. Vincent is a writer/ producer/ musical composer and audio/ video editor. Below is Vincent's band picture/ logo.

VINCENT is a one man band. He composes and plays music of various genre. His most popular work is in the classical and easy listening genre. To read more about Vincent's music go to his music page.

Please go to the movie page to see VW Productions movies!

Please go to the music page to hear VW Produtcions music!


Commercial t.v. advertisement for Vincent's album, "Cascade of Emotions."


Music for Sale: New Age/ Classical/ Easy Listening

Music for sale! On Vincent's Music Download page you will find lots of music for your enjoyment!

VINCENT is a one man band. He composes and plays music of various genre. His most popular work is in the classical and easy listening genre. Vincent is also an artist, writer, animator and musical composer as well as video/ audio editor. His company VW Productions produces quality animated movies that are family oriented. If you go to the movie page you will see animated movies that he has for sale.

Much of Vincent's music was composed for his movies that you can watch on his movie page. But he does have a lot of Classical, Easy Listening, and New Age music. He also has composed some rock tunes and Christian contemporary that you can listen to on the music player or on his music page.

Vincent is a Christian and is involved with his church by singing in the choir and occasionally plays his keyboard for the congregations enjoyment. Vincent very much desires to use his musical and artistic talents to serve the Lord and further the cause of Christ.

If you are interested in having Vincent play for your church please email him. Vincent would greatly appreciate a "love offering" to help him with expenses.

The following musical albums are for sale: "Cascade of Emotions" a New Age album- sells for $14.00 and the digital download sells for $10.99- individual songs for .99 cents.

"Fairy Kingdom" a New Age album sells for $14.00 and the digital download for $10.99- individual songs for .99 cents.

21 Tracks:

1. Day is Dawning
2. Flute Fantasy
3. Violin Fantasy
4. Imagination
5. Hope
6. Theme from "House of Evil"
7. Never Alone Without You
8. Exotic
. Beast Arises
10. Slow Latin Melody

11. Norman's Song
12. Romantic Overture

13. None Like You
14. Latin Lover
15. Lost Love
16. Strangers in Paradise
17. Latin Guitar with Sax
18. Melancholy
19. Feeling of Foreboding
20. Lullaby
21. Paradise Lost

To buy a compact disc of Vincent's album please go to: OR


"The Fall of Telgar," a New Age album sells for $14.00 and the digital file for $10.99- individual songs for .99 cents.

Please go to the music page to hear VW Productions music!



Movies for Sale: Horror/ Comedy/ Sci-Fi

Movies for sale! On VW Productions movie download page you will find different genre of movies for everybody! There is horror, comedy, action/ adventure, drama and even a little romance! Fun for the whole family! You can watch the movies on the movie player and on the movie page you can buy the movies and download them to your computer! All movies are animated. There is some live action in a few movies mixed with animation. There will soon be 3D animated movies posted on this site so please check back regularly to see new movies that will be posted!


Feature Movie: "The Fall of Telgar" is an animated sci-fi action/adventure film. If you are a big "Star Wars" fan then you will probably like this movie. The downloadable mpg file is for sale for $5.00 and is 30 minutes in length- it is rated PG.

For a full synopsis of the movie please go to the Movie Page!

Is horror you taste? There are two horror films posted: "House of Evil," and "Beast Arises." Please check them out on the Movie Page! Here is a poster from "House of Evil." A full synopsis is on the Movie Page. You can watch and then buy and download the mpg file on the Movie page. The movie file sells for $1.99.

Is comedy more your style? Check out "Welcome to Earth" movie clip. There will be more funny movie clips listed very soon on the Movie page. File sells for $1.00.

Please go to Movie Page to check out the movie clips!





Movie Player

Below is a movie player where you can watch movies by VW Productions.

VW Productions Films

  Below is a music player where you can listen to music from VW Productions artist:
VINCENT Vincent's Music Player is below please check out his music! You can listen to these digital files and if you like them you can buy them and download them to your computer! If you prefer a compact disc then go to the music page and order a CD there! Enjoy!

To buy a physical compact disc please go to the


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